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Jesse Jackson Jr. May Return to Washington After Months of Absence

Sep - 25 | | No comments. | News

According to a recent article, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. has not been seen in our country’s capital for months. Jackson hopes to return to work soon after recently being released from the Mayo Clinic for treatment of his bipolar disorder.

His office reported that Congress will be resuming work on September 17th after their summer recess. Chief of Staff for Jackson, Rick Bryant says Jackson has left Mayo and is back in Washington, DC.

Last July, Jackson’s office announced he was undergoing thorough medical treatments for a mood disorder and was at a residential facility. Weeks after the first statement, Jackson’s office reported he was undergoing some extensive evaluations for gastrointestinal problems and depression at the famous Mayo Clinic.

It is reported that Jackson suffered from deep and severe levels of depression. His wife, Sandi reported last August that her spouse has good and bad days and the doctors were giving him "therapeutic levels" of medication by increasing his dosage as needed.

Jackson’s father, well-known Reverend Jesse Jackson had visited his son last June. The elder Jackson said his son had not slept in three days and the family thought it was simply exhaustion at first.

After the family observed him for some time they realized the problem was much broader and deeper than just exhaustion. Jackson Jr. is also being examined by the House Ethics Committee for allegations from 2008 involving Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Allegedly, he and an associate agreed to raise money for Blagojevich then in exchange for a Senate seat that was absent from newly appointed President Obama. Congressman Jackson maintains his innocence and pledges to cooperate with the authorities in his case.