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Guide to Behavioral Health and Drug Rehabs

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Guide to Drug Rehabs & Related Treatment Programs
4 Rehabs is a basic primer on drug rehab treatment or treatment for other, related disorders. 4 Rehabs lists drug rehabs, alcohol rehabs, depression rehabs, trauma rehabs, as well as rehabs for related co-occurring disorder such as eating disorders, compulsive behaviors (gambling, Internet addition), and sex addiction.
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Top Rehabs

Center for Sexual Recovery, Nunnelly, TN
30 days Private Pay
Caron Foundation, Wernersville, PA
30 days Nonprofit, Insurance
Promises Malibu, Malibu, CA
31 days Luxury
Cri-Help, North Hollywood, CA
30 days Low Cost; Scholarships

4 Rehab News

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Does Tobacco Use Disorder Increase Risks for Suicide?

Nearly one out of every five U.S. adults smokes cigarettes; the smoking rates are even higher among adults affected by mental illness. ...Continue Reading »

The Relationship between Gambling and Homelessness

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Self-Imposed Time Limits Can Change Online Gambling Behavior

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When a Public Figure Admits to Addiction

Whether they’re performers or politicians, celebrities don’t get the privacy that most people do. This is true in Canada as well as America, and Toronto Mayor ...Continue Reading »